The Slaughtering of Complete Family Including Children and Women – Massacre in Qala’a Al Husen Region

Manure Factory Massacre in Al Bowaida in Homs Countryside

Due to the wide attack on Qala’a Al Husen in Homs western countryside by the government forces (army, security forces, local and foreign Shiites militias) and the Shabiha, that left 72 victims in 3 days were 2 ethnic cleansing massacres took place, the first was the slaughtering of the whole family of College Prof. Ahlam Ali Eman, the second occurred when the Shabiha and Security forces intercepted a bus carrying residents fleeing from the severe shelling on the area, and killed all the passengers of the bus including women and children.
Government forces as in most massacres of heavy shelling started with
Siege, shelling, and cutting off power and communication.
Extrajudicial killing, slaughtering, theft, robbery, and arrest
Government forces raided the houses on the sides of Qala’a Al Husen then robbed it and what they couldn’t rob they broke and sabotaged, we point out that most of the families ran away out of fear of brutal incidents similar to the ones that took place in Karm Al Zaitoun and Deir Ba’alba and Al Refa’ei.
The residents know Dr. Ahlam for her high morals and helping the residentsshe stayed at her home with her family, and through the raids government forces broke into her house and killed everyone in it men, women, or children no one left from the family 6 members

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