Documentation of Manure Factory Massacre in Al Bowaida in Homs Countryside

Manure Factory Massacre in Al Bowaida in Homs Countryside

After the employees of the manure factory located in Qattina village in Homs countryside finished their work in the afternoon of Thursday, May 31, 2012 and took the bus that transport them to their village in Eastern Bowaida in Al Qusair in Homs countryside, the bus was stopped by a government forces checkpoint, and it’s a known checkpoint at the entrance of Qattina village, were some of the government forces’ members abducted the bus with all its passenger and took them to nearby farm and tortured the abducted citizens brutally in methods that goes back to the inquisitions of the middle ages and is as far as it get from humanity conditions, after they were done torturing them, they shot them dead and that wasn’t enough for them as continued by actions that break the heart of humanity by abusing their dead bodies, this isn’t the first time, it has been repeated and documented in many cases, what shows a systematic decision making and execution specially in Homs governorate.

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