Al Hola Fields drown in blood

Al Hola Fields

Report details:
The most brutal massacre since the international observers came to Syria, it took place in Al Hola fields in Homs countryside in May 25, where the random shelling started on the villages and fields of Al Hola, the shelling was mostly concentrated on Taldo the westrern entrance to Al Hola surrounded by pro-government villages.
The shelling continued for 14 hours killing 11 victims and wounding tens others, the shelling was followed by the raid of the government forces (army, security forces, and local and foreign Shiites militias) backed by Shabiha from Fila and Al Qabo villages for a number of houses in the sides of Taldo.

Raids and field executions carried out by the Shabiha and security forces against anyone living in the city side, where the children were handcuffed, and thw men and women were gathered and slaughtered by rifles knives and shooting them after slaughtering them in action that are brutal and barbaric as the forest law and dark ages.
107 victims was the initial toll of Al Hola massacre victims, 107 is the victims SNHR managed to document by full name and photos, including the victims there was 49 child under the age of 10 and 32 women, and their still bodies unreached and undocumented.

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