Documenting Deir Ba’alba Massacre in April 2012

Deir Ba’alba Massacre

Deir Ba’alba massacre synchronized with the execution of Annan Plan at the beginning of April. The details of the massacre remained uncovered as a result of communication cutting of the neighborhood and besieging it.
Between 2 and 9 April, Karm az-Zaytoon, al-Adawyea, and al-Rifai massacres with the ethnic cleansing with the same performed way.
Massacre location: Deir Ba’alba massacre, which is made of three neighborhoods: al-Kassara, the Southern neighborhood, and the Northern neighborhood.
The massacres were committed in the three neighborhoods: breaking into the houses by Alawite Shabiha (militiamen), accompanied by security forces and army, which most leaders are from the Alawite sect too, where they performed systematic field executions in different ways, burned bodies, looted, and raped many women.

The residents and the activists who were able to enter Deir Ba’alba days after the Massacre. The evidence of the atrocities against the residents was the smell of the degrading bodies.
There were breaking into the houses, killing of their residents, mass detaining of hundreds of the people, and then executing operations were followed by bodies burning and deformation and burying them in mass graves.
There were bodies of raped women before being killed and many limbs of them were killed to steal their gold.
All these operations indicate with no doubt that the aim of this terrible massacre was doing ethnic cleansing to empty the neighborhood of its residents.