Statement: Syrian Army Forces Arrest All People Who Met with the Red Cross Delegation in Izra, Daraa Governorate


The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) documented on Friday that government army personnel arrested all the people who had met with an International Committee of the Red Cross delegation that came to Izra city in Daraa governorate. The detainees have been named as:
Ahmad Jabr al Hroub, 65 years old
Ayman Ali Taleb al Abeid, 54 years old, and his children
Isam Ayman al Abeid, 26 years old, whose motorcycle was also confiscated
Wisam Ayman al Abeid, 22 years old
Mohammad Ali al Hroub, 45 years old, whose sons Hamza and Adnan were detained 20 days ago
Marwan Naser al Abeid, 43 years old, whose personal computer was also confiscated
Mr. Mohammad al Dghaim and his brothers Za’al al Dghaim and Madyan al Dghaim

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