Arrest and extrajudicial killing: the youth Mohamad Al Hamwi as an example.


Name: Mohamad Nadeem Al Hamwi.
Date of birth: 1/6/1980.
Place of birth: Homs- Bab Amr
Occupation: a butcher.
Educational Qualification: sixth grade.
Papers: he does not have a passport or a document/ he has housing departure permit for bail cases.
Current residence: Jordan-Amman- Al Husain camp.
The violation nature that the person was subjected to: he was subjected to arbitrary arrest two times.
First time: he was arrested in Bab Amr due to names similarity where he was suspected to be an activist. He was transferred in a micro-bus and beaten using arms and sticks. Then, he was taken to big military bus where he was beaten and insulted. Finally, he was transferred to State Security in Homs.

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