Referring Civilians to Military Courts is a stark violation of International Norms and Laws (the Human Right defender Mazen Darwish is a clear example for this).


The arrest of the Human Rights activist, the Syrian journalist Mr. Mazen Darwish, who was born in 1974. On 16/2/2012, while the Security and Intelligence forces were storming the Syrian Center for Freedom of Media and Expression, they arrested all its members. The center is headed by Mazen Darwish who is also a member of Correspondents without Borders Organization and the International Union of Journalists.
Since then, the fate of M. Mazen Darwish has been unknown as well as 85,000 detainees, as we informed that he was referred to the Military Court. This Military Court doesn’t have the most basic standards for integrity and fair judgment. Moreover, its judgements are unappeasable and it has absolute power as it is controlled by military judges not by jurists. The Military Court is established on a direct decision by defense minister which handles the special cases during war times. All of this indicates that the Syrian regime exists outside of international and humanitarian law and without any respect for the international norms, laws and constitutions. Thus, its signed obligations are of no value.

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