Detention of Relief Activists Continues… The Arrest of Activist Muna Al Wadi


Despite the Syrian government’s issuing of a number of amnesty decrees reducing or abolishing the prison sentence for most crimes, with the last two issued in May 2011 then in January 2012, relief workers, who should not have been detained or prosecuted, have not been included in any of these decrees. Instead, there are daily reports of activists being killed as a result of torture, starvation or asphyxiation in detention centers which lack the minimum standards required to sustain life.
Among those detained, hidden away from the outside world is university student Muna al Wadi, who is amongst those being subjected to the most horrendous violations behind the walls of detention centers, away from the eyes of the independent UN observers; in Muna al Wadi’s case, the sole charge against her is that she helped others!

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