Attacks in Syria kill 85, opposition says//www.turkishpress.com/news/402824/

Universal Children’s day

Prepared by :The Syrian Network for Human Rights عصفور طل من الشباك ... سوريا #ChildrenDay #اليوم_العالمي_للطفولة Universal Children's day More than 12000 Sy -...


The data, released by the Syrian Network for Human Rights //sn4hr.org

World Human Rights

ArabSaga: Assad forces thump a Sunni mosque every 13 hours //worldhumanrights.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/arabsaga-assad-forces-thump-a-sunni-mosque-every-13-hours-2/ His forces attacked at least 1,451 mosques in the period from March 15,...

2,223 killed in Syria during May: NGO

At least 2,223 Syrians were killed in May as a result of the country's civil war, a report released on Monday by the Syrian...

Report from Agence France-Presse http://reliefweb.int/organization/afp


Nolet news reviews

Fadel Abdul Ghani Syrian airport reopens as clashes, Internet and phone blackout continue //nolet.com/article/syrian-airport-reopens-clashes-internet-and-phone-blackout-continue //nolet.com/tags/person/fadel-abdul-ghani


Starvation causes 299 Syrian deaths//www.turkishpress.com/news/399966/

McClatchy DC

Syria’s pro-Assad forces accused of targeting mosques in civil war Assad opponents say at least 1,451 mosques have been attacked since March 15, 2011, by...


More than 17,000 Children Have Been Killed in Syria//www.telesurtv.net/english/news/More-than-17000-Children-Have-Been-Killed-in-Syria--20140917-0001.html

Lebanese-Canadian Coordinating Council : LCCC ENGLISH DAILY NEWS BULLETIN

Syria rebels kill 34 foreign fighters in northwest: monitor turf war near the Turkish border for strongholds which control supply routes into northern Syria. The...


This is why Fadel Abdul-Ghany, SNHR’s president and founder, admits they have little information on regime or Islamic State losses, “because we have no...