Mare’e City goes between the ISIL’s Hell and Kurdish Self Management Forces’ Burns

Fears threat the lives of 1700 families

Mare'e City

Since the beginning of February 2016, the government forces, (security, army, and militias, both local and foreign Loyalties), with the intensive support of Russian raids, started to launch a wide attack aimed at cutting the only road linking between the northern and the western countryside of Aleppo and the neighborhoods of Aleppo that are under the control of the armed opposition factions. This campaign coincided with the military campaign led by Kurdish Self Management forces through the Syria Democratic Kurdish Forces. (With a Kurdish majority belonging to the Democratic Union Party in Syria, Kurdistan Workers Party Branch) where it devastated areas under the control of the Syrian opposition and controlled the city of “Tal Refaa’t, and the towns of Deir Jamal, Menneg, and other, causing the large- scale displacement of its citizens, and thousands of them are still bare in Syrian-Turkish Borders.

These military attacks, from the government forces from one side and the Kurdish self-management forces from the other one, caused the siege of an area of 500 km. The government forces besieging the city from the south; the Syria Democratic Kurdish Forces from the west and ISIL (called the Islamic caliphate) from the east. This siege caused a new displacement of at least 120,000 people from the cities of Mare’e, Andan, and the towns of H’erdtnien, Tal Jbien, Meskan, Retyan, Kafr Naya, and Tal Mayer.

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