NBC NewsWorld News on NBC News Activist: Assad’s deadly crackdown turning peaceful Syrians into terroristsSami Ibrahim, of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, was reacting to an open letter written by New York-based Human Rights Watch, claiming opposition members were carrying human rights abuses such as kidnappings, torture and executions.From university to torture chamber: A Syrian’s story //worldblog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/03/16/10706165-from-university-campus-to-torture-chamber-a-syrian-refugees-fight-for-freedomMousab Azzawi, the London-based chairman of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, said there had been reports of abuses by opposition members, but that they were often difficult to verify.Azzawi told msnbc.com by telephone that one recent case that the Network had verified was of three Assad militia members who were executed by opposition fighters in Homs on March 9. He said the three men had been part of a larger group of Assad “thugs” who had been raping women in Homs as a form of punishment.The Network includes doctors, lawyers and academics in Syria who follow up reports and attempt to corroborate allegations of abuses with a view to holding those responsible accountable to the International Criminal Court.