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Syria uprising: live
11.00 Sami Ibrahim, a Homs resident, said he had been told that 10 young people were “executed by the security forces”.
This followed another execution of a further 16 people “by knife”.
He told the BBC via Skype from a secret location within Syria:
We are particularly afraid… with what is going on.
In the darkness… no one can ask ‘what are you doing’ or ‘what are you doing’. They are executing and killing without any regard (for human life).
We are working to prevent a massacre.”
Asked if there are bodies in the streets or the number of people badly injured, he said: “More than 500 people have been killed inside Baba Amr. About the injured persons, we are speaking about 1800 inside Baba Amr.”
He said only between 6,000 and 10,000 people remained in the city. He said the Red Cross was still nearly 50 miles away from the city. They could not “move fast” because of snow.
02 Mar 2012