To The UN Security Council: Resolutions Are Worthless If Not Implemented

UN Security Council

Tomorrow the UN Security Council is scheduled to meet and discuss Hizbollah and the Syrian regime’s siege on Madaya city in Damascus suburbs since July 2015. Up till now, the imposed siege on Madaya killed 63 civilians including 21 who died from hunger.
The Syrian community has a bitter experience with Security Council resolutions ever since the uprising began. These resolutions are usually belated and have proved to be unprofitable.

Resolution 2042, issued on 14 April 2012 a year and a month later after government arbitrary arrests, asserted the importance of releasing the prisoners of conscience. Nonetheless, tens of thousands of Syrians are still being detained.
Resolution 2118, issued on 27 September 2013 after Al Ghouta was shelled with noxious gases, stated that an intervention will be conducted if the Syrian regime reuses chemical weapons. However, we recorded the use of toxic gases by the Syrian regime 137 times after this resolution as issued.

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