Not Less than 51 Massacres Committed in August 2015

43 out of which were committed by government forces

51 Massacres Committed

I- Executive Summary
SNHR documented not less than 54 massacres that were committed in August, detailed as follows:
A- Government Forces (army, security forces, local militias and foreign militias) committed 43 massacres
B- Extremist Islamic Groups:
i- ISIL committed one massacre
C- Armed Opposition Groups committed 3 massacres
D- PYD Kurd self-management forces committed one massacre
E- International Coalition Forces committed 1 massacre
F- Unidentified Groups committed 2 massacres
SNHR describes an incident as a massacre if it involves: “the killing of five unarmed people at least”, for more information on our methodology, please visit the following URL:

Massacres’ distribution according to Syrian governorates:
Damascus suburbs: 19 massacres
Idlib: 14
Aleppo: 9
Homs: 3
Hama: 2
Deir Al Zour: 2
Damascus: 1
Daraa: 1

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