Four Years Harvest: The Use of Cluster Ammunition… That is Still Going

The Cluster Ammunition Supplies Must be Destroyed the same as the Chemical Weapons

Cluster Ammunition

First: Introduction
The first time government forces used cluster ammunition according to SNHR archive was in July, 2012 in Shorlin village in Idlib countryside were the government warplanes dropped a cluster ammunition incubator.
And might have been used before that as well, and its use gradually increased systematically until its use became as using a regular weapon. The year 2014 is considered the worst in the frequency and spreading of the government use of cluster ammunition and we’ve published in September, 2014 a study that we proved through it that “the Syrian Regime is the worst in the world in using cluster ammunition”
On Saturday 16, 2014 the CMC issued a report about the use of cluster ammunition in the world, the report information about Syria mainly depended on coordination and collaboration between the CMC and SNHR reports and statistics, and the period that the report covers is until April 4th, 2014
The report pointed out that the government forces victims killed through cluster ammunition surpass Israel extensive use of cluster ammunition in 2006.

In this report we review the most notable incidents of government forces use of cluster ammunition since its first use until the last one in 2015, as the report clearly shows the systematic use of th cluster ammunition, in order to shed the light on this matter once again, and SNHR ask the security council to issue a resolution to destroy government forces cluster ammunition armory and forbid its use the same as they did with the chemical weapons in the resolution 2118 that forbid the use of chemical weapons, and we are certain that the government forces will violate any resolution the same as they did with all the previous Security Council resolutions and statements concerning Syria since March 2011
The United Nations General Assembly explicitly condemned in several resolution the government forces use of cluster munitions, May 15, 2013, and on December 18, 2013, and also in December 18, 2014, but that did not constitute a minimum deterrent to the Syrian government to stop its use.
The report highlights in the second part of it on the cluster remains victims who were killed after the bombing, as SNHR calls for friendly countries to send specialized equipment in order to detect and dismantle all cluster ammunition remnants.
The use of cluster ammunition by the other parties (Kurdish forces, extremist groups, and armed opposition) hasn’t been proved.

Second: Executive summary:
We recorded at least 217 incidents of cluster ammunition shelling, since July 2012 to March 17, 2015, almost half of them in 2014, as we documented during it at least 94 incidents as well as documenting 9 incidents of using cluster ammunitions during the first three months of 2015, and this is a clear indication of government forces continuing the use of cluster ammunition.
Direct bombardment of cluster munitions killed 289 people since July 2012 to March 17, 2015 including 71 children and 27 women, while the explosion of cluster ammunition remnants killed 129 people, including 26 children and 2 women, making the total of the victims who were killed by cluster munitions and its remnants reached 418 people, distributed to:
Civilians: 398 with a ratio of 95%.
Armed Individuals: 20

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