At least 33 Massacres Have been Perpetrated in November 2014

33 Massacres

Executive Summary
SNHR documented no less than 33 massacres during November as follows:

Government forces: 31 massacres
Extremist groups: one massacre
Armed groups: one massacre

Massacres were divided among governorates as follows:
Ar-Raqqa: seven massacres
Hama: five massacres
Aleppo: five massacres
Daraa: five massacres
Damascus countryside: five massacres
Idlib: three massacres
Homs: two massacres
Der Ezzor: two massacre
Damascus: one massacre

In total, 393 people were killed in those massacres including 93 children and 48 women as it was documented by SNHR documenting team. The considerably high percentage of women and children victims, 35.9%, indicates that civilians were deliberately targeted in those massacres.
The total number of victims of these massacres is divided by its perpetrators as follows:
Government forces: 365 people including 82 children and 48 women
ISIS: 17 people
Armed opposition groups: 11 children