The Death Toll for Ramadan

medicalSNHR has documented the killing of 2378 people during Ramadan divided as follows:
First: Government Forces
A: Civilians
SNHR has documented the killing of 1440 civilians by government forces, among them were 234 children (nine children a day), and 116 women at least. The number of victims who died under torture inside the government’s detention centers was 142. (As average, five people die under torture every day.)
The percentage of women and children victims is 25%; a clear indicator that government forces is deliberately targeting civilians.
B: Rebels
We also documented the killing of 433 rebels by government forces either during clashes or under shelling.
Second: The armed factions affiliated to Al-Qaeda (IS)
A: Civilians
SNHR documented the killing of 62 civilians including 13 children, eight women, and a media activist.
B: Rebels
We also documented the killing of 211 rebels on the hands of IS either during clashes between this group and other rebels or through field executions of prisoners.