Faten Fawwaz from a Ph.D. in Physics and Atomic science to forced-disappearance

FatenSNHR has previously published several statements about Dr. Faten Fawwaz being imprisoned by the Syrian authorities. Nevertheless, most recently, Dr. Faten Fawwaz was transferred from Adra central prison to an undisclosed location on 14 July, 2014 along with other woman prisoners.
Dr. Faten Rajab Fawwaz was born in Damascus countryside in 1979. She was arrested by the Air Intelligence in Damascus on 26 December, 2011. We noted in a previous report that she stayed in Damascus Air Intelligence Branch for approximately 10 months before she was transferred to the branch 215 in Kafrsousa neighborhood in Damascus and then she was transferred back to Damascus Air Intelligence Branch on 19 February, 2014. She was transferred then to Adra Central Prison and referred to the military judiciary.
It should be noted that Dr. Faten was preparing her Ph.D. thesis that she was supposed to discuss at a French university before she was arrested by the Syrian regime. Instead, the Syrian regime made sure to torture her particularly according to some survivors where we received confirmed information that she had epileptic seizures and her nose and ears bled acutely due to the brutal torture