Most Prominent Victims of Torture in May 2014

130n635Media Activists

Ayman Zahar Tabash, a media activist from Ad-Dmier city in Damascus countryside. Ayman was arrested on 15 January, 2014 at a military checkpoint in Al-Qtiefa city, he was transferred to the military security branch 227 and then to Tishreem military hospital in Damascus where he died under torture. His family was informed about his death on 4 May, 2014.

University Students

Mohammad Abdulkarim Shaikh, a 23-year-old university student, from Taybat Al-Imam in Hama. Mohammad was arrested from his university campus in Latakia. His family learned about his death on 5 May, 2014.

Abdullah Mahmoud Al-Abdullah, a university student from Taybat Al-Imam city in Hama. His family learned about his death on 10 May, 2014.

Huthaifa Ahmad Traf, a medical student at Damascus University. Huthaifa was born In Has town – Idlib. He was arrested a year and half ago from his university campus only a few months before graduating. His family learned about his death on 11 May, 2014

Tareq Jazzar was studying artificial intelligence at the informatics engineering department in Damascus University. Tareq is from Az-Zabadani in Damascus countryside, he was 26-year-old. His family learned about his death on 28 May, 2014. Tareq was arrested a month and a half ago on his way back from his university, he was transferred to the branch 215 in Damascus and then to Adra prison. Tareq had health problems so he was transferred to a hospital and died there.


Mahmoud Iskam, a 24-year-old pharmacist from Al-Jalaa neighborhood in Hama. He was arrested from the campus of Homs University when he was there to receive his graduation certificate on 29 November, 2013. The news of his death inside Palestine branch surfaced on 7 May, 2014.

Mohammad Al-Hassan Alaa As-Sayed Eissa, a 33-year-old pharmacist from Idlib city. Mohammad was married and had one son who is now two-year-old. He was arrested at Tayyar military checkpoint in Aleppo – Al-Jadeda neighborhood on 2 September, 2013, he was transferred to the military security branch in Aleppo where he stayed for a month and a half before getting transferred again to Palestine branch in Damascus. Mohammad died under torture on 15 April, 2014 along with other 42 prisoners in a mass poisoning that affected the cell no. 100 according to what two former prisoners, who were released recently in very poor health conditions, told his family on 19 May, 2014.

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