Barrel Bombs Shelled in the North and South of the Country


Helicopters of the Syrian government shelled Tafas with barrel bombs on February, 12, 2014. 13 people were killed, 8 of them belong to the same family.

Fadel Abdul Ghani, the head of SNHR said: “Through our work in preparing researches and reports about the government forces’ use of barrel bombs we reached the conclusion that these bombs don’t serve any military end. Rather, they a mere punishment for civilians and they hugely damage buildings and infrastructure.”

SNHR talked to Mr. Abu Asem, an activist from Tafas, who said:
“At about 9:10 am, helicopters flew the sky of the city and dropped one barrel bomb over residential districts of the city. These districts were crowded with civilians as there were IDPs from other areas. Most of the martyrs were children and women; 8 of them from the same family. Number of the injured is little as most of those who were affected died. Most of the legs of the injured who didn’t die were cut off.”

Abu Hamza is an activist from Tafas. He told SNHR:
“Before the bombing, helicopters were flying over the city. At about 9 am we heard the sound of a massive explosion. I went upstairs to see the place of the explosion. The barrel bomb was dropped over a residential area in the city center. That area was crowded with civilians as there were IDPs from Atman and Nawa in Tafas. I headed to the place of the explosion to take photos. There were bodies buried under the destructed buildings. People were getting them out. Most of them were children. Two of the bodies were without heads. Most of the martyrs were from Al Zubi family. One member of this family disappeared almost completely. We could only find the skin of his head. It was covered with white hair.”

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