Aleppo governorate… Following the steps of Homs in killing, destruction, and displacement

Aleppo governorate Killed victims’ toll: Syrian Network for Human Rights has documented since 15/12/2013 to 20/12/2012 through the Intensive indiscriminate shelling committed by Syrian Air Force using air strikes and Barrel Bombs on different neighborhoods of Aleppo and countryside Governorate led to kill more than 308 victims including 86 children, and 33 ladies.
Should be noted that days 15 and 17 of December 2013 were the bloodiest days due to the high number of killed and wounded victims.
Injured victim’s number: It was very hard for SNHR’s team to get an accurate number of injured people due to several reasons the most prominent were the ongoing shelling on many areas that extended to separate areas in Aleppo countryside during the military attack. in addition to disaster’s magnitude and lack of possibilities in general to absorb and control its disastrous effects.
The initial estimates of the injured victims according to SNHR’s team in Aleppo have exceeded 1050 victims.