Shelling Al-Walid hospital in Alwaar neighborhood of Homs Governorate

hospital Introduction
Syrian Network for Human Rights noticed that there is systematic and deliberate methodology in targeting and destroying hospitals by government forces and Shabiha, which reflect negatively and blatantly on health sector: many doctors and nurses flee out fear of endangering their lives, many of them volunteered to work in field hospitals and other immigrated out of Syria.
All the destroyed hospitals located in areas under the opposition control, which is a clear evidence of targeting hospitals and medical staffs.
On the other hands hospitals in areas loyal to the regime are functioning normally and by government supports.
The methodology of this report based on the investigations conducted by SNHR’s team in Homs governorate with number of residents and activists.
It contains the testimonies of an eyewitness from the residents documented in the report, in addition to news and pictures from cooperative activists inside the city.
The incident’s details
Monday 18/11/2013, government forces shelled Al-Walid hospital in Alwaar neighborhood by surface to surface missile, he is the only functioning hospital that suffers from shortage of potentials, here we would like to point out that the neighborhood is entirely besieged from more than 38 days, and prevent the introduction of medical supplies.

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