Major violation of media freedom in Syria in October 2013

MediaFirst: Summury
Violations committed against media activists for this month distributed as follows:
1- Kill: 22 victims of media activists and journalists, Syrian regime killed 21 of them including 2 under torture, Islamic state of Iraq and Levant killed one.
2- Detention and Abduct: 6 media activist have been abducted this month: 2 of them kidnapped Islamic state of Iraq and Levant and the other 4 by unidentified armed groups.
3- Injured: 7 media activist have been injured while covering the fighting in Dier ez-Zoor

Second: Introduction:
The continuous violations committed against media freedom and the worker in this field in this method caused fear and anxiety, especially the increased quantity and quality of those crimes that lasted daily and instantaneously for long moths with the intensification of the armed conflict between the two parties on the Syrian territories.
It seems that we are not saying any new fact or information if we point out to the Syrian government as the main responsible of the huge loose in souls and properties, as nothing new when we mention the superiority of government forces on armed and extremist groups in quantity and quality of targeting media activists by systematic and widespread killing, arbitrary arrests, torturing to death, In what appeared to be a State policy since the beginning of the Syrian revolution and until this moment in gagged, block reports and picture, and pursuing journalist and media activists.