Slow Death in Moadamyeh

syria, starvation, hungry Moadamyeh is located west of Damascus city in East Ghouta, administratively affiliated to Darya district of Damascus countryside, the current population is 12 thousand people.

And bounded on the North by three regiments of the 4th Division and from the South-East of the Palestinian organization’s camp of the regime’s army, from West officers’housing, SarayaAl-Sira’ brigades and Yusuf al-‘Azma barrackofregime’s forces, and East Mezzeh military airport.

The siege began on 18/11/2012, when Government forces surrounded the city on all sides by military checkpoints and military armored vehicles, and surrounded the entrance of the city and the main roads of about 20 checkpoints of 4th Division and Air Force Intelligence backed by tanks t-72 and t-82, and ZSU-23-4 “Shilka.

The report includes three testimonies of Moadamyeh residents including a doctor

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