Death Toll of Civilians and SFA in September 2013

death toll2811 victims Syrian citizens were killed; including 792 armed rebel, 1584 civilian, 264 children, and 159 tortured to death .
The daily average of killing this month was 95 people a day, 4 people an hour
Among the 1584 civilians SNHR documented:
264 children victims with an average of 10 children a day , and the proportion of the children killed to the death toll is 16% ,which is a very high rate and strict evidence that the Syrian Government’s Armed Forces targeting the civilians
 SNHR would like to indicate that what we could document by our deployed members in all of the Syrian provinces classified by names date and place, photo or video.
We couldn’t document many cases of massacres and killing for many reasons including procedures repeatedly and systematically made by Syrian Government’s Armed Forces like communications disconnect and blockade areas for many days, that’s make the actual number more than that, not to mention that the Syrian government has prevented any of the human right organization to perform their duty on its territory