Military Bases that contain Prisoners

  According to the last statistic conducted by SNHR in 12/6/2013, number of detainees exceeded 215.000 arrested, SNHR have lists for more than 50% of them, and because the unwilling of parents to refer that to their son’s detention, especially if she is a female, this is mainly hampered documenting all detainees’ names, unlike the victims that we document their names very accurately.

Detention of enforced disappearances occur when persons are arrested, detained or abducted against their will or otherwise deprived of their liberty by officials of different branches or levels of Government or by organized groups or private individuals acting on behalf of, or with the support, direct or indirect, consent or acquiescence of the Government, followed by a refusal to disclose the fate or whereabouts of the persons concerned or a refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of their liberty, which places such persons outside the protection of the law”

Among the 215.000 detainees, 80.000 Syrian citizens considered as enforced disappearance, according to SNHR’s lists, which are available for IRC and UN if they wish to see.

Among the 215.000 detainees, more than 9000 under the age of 18, subjected to different types of torture similar to the men.

Among the 215.000 detainees, more than 5000 women.

The detainees are subjected daily and systematically to a very violent and hard methods for at least 14 hours a day, which led to kill 3117 citizens tortured to death, including 29 ladies and 91 children.

Due to the significant rise in the numbers of detainees, prisons and the main security branches are no longer enough, which are:

1- Air Force intelligence

2- Military Security

3- Political Security

4- State Security

in addition to central prisons, that contain thousands of detainees, but We are in this report focusing on military bases that contain detainees.

Syrian regime used military bases as detention centers for torturing activities and civilians, it is almost confirmed that international society will have military intervention to stop bloodshed in Syria and hit the regime’s military bases where they used to shell the cities and residential neighborhoods from , but we must pay attention to theses military bases that contains civilians prisoners to take into consideration to target only military vehicles without the buildings that exist within those military unites, in order to preserve the life of those civilians.

We also don’t rule out that Syrian regime will kill large numbers of detainees and accused the international society to do so.

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