Crime against humanity Government forces killed 312 victims of medical cadres: 143 doctors, 54 pharmacists and 87 paramedics

medicalSyrian Network for Human Rights considered one of the most prominent United Nation’s sources in documenting non-international armed conflict’s victims in Syrian, through permanent cooperation and coordination with Human Rights Data analysis group (HRDNG): Organization to analyze the conflict’s victims of around the world.
Our Methodology relies in the first place on the information provided by Syrian Network for Human Right’s team, and in case if we were not exist in an area, SNHR’s members communicate with the residents, and eyewitnesses , we don’t proof any incident without confirming from two different sources don’t know each other, in addition to photos, videos from our camera or by trusted activists dealing with them since the beginning of the revolution via our email.
The report:
International Humanitarian Law and Customary IHL gives medical services’ member special care and attention to the member of medical services, where they considered as civilians even if they are among the member of the armed forces.
Rule 3. All members of the armed forces of a party to the conflict are combatants, except medical and religious personnel.
Syrian Network for Human Rights was severely interested in documenting medical cadres, issued several reports in this regard in coordination with Avaaz in 31/1/2013, where government forces killed 222 victims of medical cadres.
We notice within our daily work that government forces raise the frequency of targeting hospitals and paramedics.