Targeting Medical Personnel by Syrian Government are Crimes against Humanity


Syrian government are killing hundreds of Syrian people every day in addition to hundreds of other people who are injured. Those who survived cannot go to government hospitals out of fear of getting arrested or killed.
Therefore, many doctors forced to work in makeshifts hospitals which have simple medical equipment, and conduct many surgeries to individuals who were injured by bombardment, sniping, or torture. All of this expose doctors, paramedic and pharmacist to pursuit by Syrian government in which they are deemed as a criminals and more dangerous than the armed persons just because they are heling the injured and wounded persons.
The great percentage of targeting medical personnel is an indicator of this, as SNHR has documented, from the beginning of the Syrian revolution until 31/1/2013, 169 martyrs of personnel of the medical field including 77 doctors, 33 pharmacists, 59 paramedics which include six women, 18 deaths due to torture, and six who were field-executed.
The indicator of targeting them systematically by Syrian government is that they were tortured more than other victims in addition to the killing of 18 medical activists due to torture.

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