Detention of a member of the SNHR

Mazen Naji
Mazen Naji is a college student. He is one of libertarians, a member in field works of the network of the Syrian human rights, and one of activists in peaceful movement. He is known as Abu Hamza al-Shami. Since the beginning of events in Syria, he has transported and collected information for violations that occur within Syria, specifically in the area of his residence. Additionally, he has addressed and expressed the suffering of the Syrians and their daily struggle to achieve their wants.

Witnesses have reported that a number of cars of the State Security branch surrounded Al-Baramkeh district after midnight 18/1/2013. This is an area that Mazen’s family inhabits in, they are stay in a rented house after moving from Qadam district because of the security restrictions. It is believed that patrol cars had stopped away from home to prevent Mazen from escaping. At this time, he was on a visit to his family