Appeal for the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations to Cease the Ethnic Cleansing that has been going for three days


During three consecutive days, the pro- Syrian government forces (Army and Al Shabiha) committed ethnic cleansing operations amid the silence of the International Community.

Tens of children and women have been slaughtered and their corpses were found stacked on top of each other as it is shown in the picture of an activist and a residence of Banyas via Email and skype who has been cooperating with SNHR from the beginning of the revolution.

We received news from victims’ relatives in Banyas city and others arrived to Tripoli in Lebanon about extrajudicial killings and shooting civilians to death inside houses in addition to tens of sexual violence operations which were committed by pro-Syrian government forces during storming the town and are still ongoing disregarding tens of rules of Customary International Humanitarian Law.

SNHR direly calls on the International Committee of the Red Cross as it is the party that can enter the conflict zones according to the international human rights law which governs the conflict in Syria.


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