An urgent humanitarian appeal for student Yahya Ka’Ka

Yahya Ka’Ka
A third year university student, studying mechanical engineering in Aleppo University.

He was arrested at a Syrian regime army division which is situated at AlJandoul roundabout at the northern entrance of Aleppo University.
The Syrian network for human rights states that the detainee Yahya Ka’ka is subjected to a violent daily torture in a continuous manner for more than 14 hours, the Syrian network of human rights also documented the death of the brother of the detainee; Ahmad Hassan Ka’ka, who was killed under torture in an air intelligence branch. Both brothers were arrested together on the same day and they were both subjected to all type of brutal torture, one of them was killed and the others life, Yahya, is in severe danger.
The citizen holds the Syrian nationality and no Arabian or international human rights organisation has taken any action yet towards him.

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