The Documentation of a Massacre… the Full Human Rights Documentation of Al Theyabeya Massacre in Damascus Suburbs


Saturday September 22, 2012, the regime army forces and security forces cordoned off the town. Then, intensively and indiscriminately shelled the town using tanks and heavy machine guns. As a result, many victims and wounded persons of the town fell. Moreover, clashes intensified with the Free Syrian Army but they stopped after only two days as their ammunitions run out on Tuesday September 25, 2012, which forced them to retreat. The regime army continued the attack on that day and the day after. On September 26, 2012, the regime army forces stormed the town, slaughtered a number of its residents, damaged many houses and committed a horrible massacre which is a systematic policy and sort of punishment to threaten and terrify the families of the town as they support the Free Army.
The security forces and the Syrian regime forces killed in cold-blood no less than 70 citizens most of them are elderly at the age of 60-70-year-old who couldn’t flee the town. Regime forces killed extrajudicially anyone who they found in the town, and disfigured the dead bodies then they buried them in a mass grave which is well known by the residents of the town and those who we talked with.
Some of town’s families found, inside their neighbors’ homes, whole families who were killed and slaughtered. A drink called “Al Mata”, which is a drink the members of the army and security forces consume, was found on the dead bodies.


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