Urgent Humanitarian Appeal: Government Forces kidnap the activist Rama Al Asas in Board Daylight in the Middle of Damascus

Rama Al Asas

The place of incident: Damascus, Al Baramika neighborhood.
She is a Syrian citizen.
No human rights committee or party around the world has taken any action.
The perpetrator or the abduction party: Syrian army elements.
Syrian army elements have kidnaped the girl Rama Al Asas from Al Baramika neighborhood near her house as persons in Syrian Army outfits have kidnapped her. Then, the abduction party called her family and demanded a ransom of 2 million Syrian pounds. The family paid the ransom but the contact with the abduction party was lost. After tracing the call, they found out that its source was from Osh Al Warwr neighborhood where the most of population are the pro-Syrian regime “Shabiha”.
SNHR hold the Syrian government fully responsible for the girl Rama Al Asas’s safety and deem this act a non-human and hostile act against the Syrian girls and people which incite a sectarian and religious agitation. We also call on the International Community and the United Nations to uphold their responsibility at this case as it is a secret one and will have bad ramifications on all levels. Thus, the international community bear a moral responsibility in regard to similar cases in Syria.

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