The arrest of Fatima Saed

Fatima Saed

Fatima was not there to receive the news of her amazing success when the results of the general secondary exams in 2012 were announced because she is simply inside a government forces’ prison. patrol affiliated to State Security stormed Mr. Khaled Sa’ed’s house at the dawn of 28/6/2012 (about 5:00 am) which is located in Qnanis urban neighborhood near the public square. They took Mr. Khaled along with his son and his nurse daughter, 22-year-old “Fatima Khaled Sa’ed”- with her personal computer and some personal communication accessories like a digital camera, a memory card and a cell phone.
After hours of interrogation with the father, he was released along with his son. However, the girl was taken to a Military Security branch and still arrested after discovering a pro-revolution song that were being sung by her friends.
Fatima Sa’ed known as Farah Al Raies is a media activist, she supported the revolution, reported news of Latakia city, and made field reports about the suffering of its residents, in addition to distributing food and medical aids to the families of martyrs and detainees.
She cared mainly for woman affairs, supported and documented her suffering. As a result, she was accused of communicating with foreign parties and suppling the channel of sedition with false information. Moreover, the greatest charge she faced was training her friends on the first aid and preparing them for any raid in the area, particularly after the regime burned the only medical dispensary that serves poor neighborhood, where she lives, and treats 50,000 that live within four square kilometers.


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