Slaughtering and executions of families in Karm Al Zaitoun in ethnic cleansing massacres

Manure Factory Massacre in Al Bowaida in Homs Countryside

Karm Al Zaitoun witnessed many ethnic cleansing massacres through executions and slaughtering of complete families including men women and children, and the last was the execution of the 14 members of Bahader family and now we record a n new incident in the same systematic ethnic crime of Mohammad family.
Government forces arrested the father ‘Mohammad Turkey Al Mohammad’ at the beginning of the revolution and was released a month before the massacre where he was killed with all his family members.
The family house in near one of seventy-two military checkpoint spread around Homs and the stated reason is ‘to protect the citizens from terrorism’ but the military checkpoint didn’t protect Mohammad’s family but participated in the killing along with Shabiha who entered the house and slaughtered the family one by one and there was also marks of gunshots.
The bodies smell spread in the neighborhood leading to some of the residents asking the military checkpoint for permission to evacuate the bodies, and after they grant them permission they arrested the residents along with the bodies.